C-section countdown begins!

Ok so we’ve arrived in the labour ward and had a lovely team meet us.  All checks have been done and I’m sat here all gowned up :).  So far the experience could not be more different from an emergency situation or be going any smoother.

How are we feeling? Well it’s all a bit surreal, here we are chatting away and as long as there are no emergencies in the next hour or so, we are first in so I’ll be walking down to theatre and she’ll be delivered! So we feel excited as well as we can’t quite believe we’ll have a little girl very soon!

For all mummies who have left or will be leaving their little ones to go and have another baby, it is an odd feeling!  I said bye to him this morning (he wasn’t very happy about mummy and daddy leaving) and he stood at the kitchen window with my mum as we drove off and I thought to myself, “it’ll never be just us again”.  There was an element of me that felt sad with this thought however I just told myself that we are about to do something which is truly amazing and one day he’ll understand especially when he has a little play buddy to be best friends with.  On top of this he’ll now be having so much fun with Nannie he’ll have forgotten we have even left…….(keeping perspective)!

So, not long now and I’m itching to go!  I can’t stop wondering how big she’ll be and what she’ll look like but more importantly just holding onto her being healthy.

Ok well if I get some downtime later I’ll keep you posted! The main thing is, as far as planned sections go, it’s been really smooth so far and we’ve been made to feel very welcome.

Have a fabulous day!

Amy Smith – Thrive Consultant

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One thought on “C-section countdown begins!

  1. Hi Amy, it’s Lorna, an old school friend of Lucy’s. I find a lot of myself and experience in your blog.
    I had a planned C-section on the 27th, a beautiful little boy (9lb at 39 weeks so not so little!?!), and this was my 2nd C!
    The planned is definitely less stressful than the emergency but totally sureal !
    Keziah had problems breathing at first which is quite common in C-section babies, but within 24 hours he was out of intensive care and in my arms.
    My biggest worry before the op was leaving my daughter, who’s not quite 2 and how bringing a new baby home would affect her. She’s over the moon and loves him which is great, although I don’t know how he feels about being prodded and poked by a toddler.
    It will be hard for you as your toddler will demand a lot of attention and obviously this can be complicated as you can not lift them or give them a big chest cuddle because it hurts!! This is hard! I’m a week past and the pain is easing, I’m more mobile so hopefully I’ll be up and running around after her again soon.
    It’s heartbreaking that you can no longer give the 1st as much attention as they had but also that the 2nd will never have as much attention as the 1st did but … Don’t feel sad that it’s no longer the three of you, a whole new family chapter is beginning and it’s magical !!
    Anyway I hope all goes well for you and you can enjoy your beautiful baby with your son soon.


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